Real Estate Attorney in Morris County NJ
Real Estate Closings  

    From Martin Eagan:

    _____ Estimated HUD-1

    From Seller:

    _____ Attorney Authorization

    _____ Hardship Letter

    _____ Financial Worksheet

    _____ Last 2 months paystubs (if receiving unemployment, provide those stubs)

    _____ Last 2 months bank statements (for all bank accounts)

    _____ Last years tax returns, with all W-2’s, if self employed, provide Profit and Loss

    _____ Most recent mortgage statement (for all mortgages on the property)

    From Listing Agent:

    _____ Fully executed Contract of Sale

    _____ Pre-approval letter for Buyer, copy of deposit check and buyers drivers license

    _____ Listing Agreement and MLS printout



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