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A Dozen Morris County People Talk With Realtor, Attorney

About Avoiding Foreclosure

CHESTER – The headlines may be shouting about an improving housing market, but for a dozen people at a workshop in Chester earlier this month, the topic of a quieter discussion is avoiding foreclosure. They heard two experts, Kelly Holmquist of The Holmquist Team, part of Keller Williams-Towne Square Realtors and Morristown Real Estate Attorney Martin Eagan , talk about ways to do that. Ms. Holmquist and Mr. Eagan work together to help people sell homes short, meaning the bank agrees to allow a house to be sold for market value, even when that sum is less than what is owed to the bank. “It’s a traditional sale,” explained Eagan. “You’re selling to a buyer. It’s not a foreclosure. It’s just the bank agrees to take less than you owe.” As they have at several previous workshops, the duo explained to those around the table how a short sale works and the role of the attorney and the Realtor in the sale. The bank agrees to accept the lower price, but it does want market value. It’s a tight rope, said Eagan. “We want to upsell it to the buyer and downsell it to the bank,” said Eagan. “Kelly’s great at that.” Ms. Holmquist explained that the home will be appraised by the bank, which will set a target asking price. The house is then aggressively marketed like any other home. It must be listed on the MLS, for instance. And home sellers are encouraged to properly stage their homes so it sells quickly. When an offer is received, the bank has to approve the offer. In fact, said Ms. Holmquist, the only difference between a short sale and regular sale is the negotiations are done by the attorney with the bank and others owed money from the proceeds of the sale. “On the front side, everything appears to be a traditional sale,” said Ms. Holmquist. “It’s on the back side that it’s different.”

While past workshops have been attended by an array of people, many of them have been younger homeowners who can no longer afford their mortgages or who need to move for a better job, but can’t sell their depreciated homes. This group was a different, said Ms. Holmquist and Mr. Eagan. One couple, for instance, was collecting information for their daughter who is going through a divorce. Another couple is trying without success to sell a home owned by the woman’s mother, now in her 80s in assisted living and with no income. A third woman, in her 70s, had taken multiple mortgages to pay medical expenses. Although she’s never missed a mortgage payment, the failure of the real estate market and the devaluation of her savings now has created financial problems. “All sorts of people are facing foreclosure or are so far underwater that they may never recover, even though they’re making their payments,” said Ms. Holmquist. “It’s not at all uncommon.” In fact, she said, about 29 percent of the homes being sold in Long Valley and Mount Olive are short sales. In the Chesters, that number is about 9 percent. “Working with an established team of an attorney and a Realtor to sell short offers a good way out for many people,” said Ms. Holmquist. “The improving real estate market improves their chances of selling short, but it’s still the best answer for some people.” Ms. Holmquist said people with questions about short sales or any other facet of buying or selling real estate can call her office at (908) 867-7109 or by sending her an email at

Ms. Holmquist is the team leader for the Holmquist Team, part of Keller Williams Towne Square Realty, and one of the top-producing real estate teams in Morris County, N.J. She has been in real estate since 1997, specializing in residential home sales. After working at other agencies, she founded The Holmquist Team in 2008. A Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), she holds a bachelor of science from Penn State University. More information is at or by calling (908) 867-7109.

Marty Eagan heads an office that focuses on real estate and is one of New Jersey’s fastest growing specialty law firms. The firm has successfully represented thousands of individuals and business clients across the state in residential and commercial real estate transactions. More information is available at (973) 898-7300 or

“I had the pleasure of having Marty be my attorney for the closing on the purchase of my first house. He made what was becoming a stressful situation painless and easy. Both he and his staff were attentive, informative, and highly professional. From the start to the finish Marty made himself available to me at all times. I would recommend Marty and his staff to any of my family and friends.” July 19, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert

Christopher Brown  
hired Martin "Marty" as a Attorney in 2010 

“I have had the opportunity to work with Marty Eagan and his talented staff on numerous occasions for real estate closing. They are perfection. From the first fax of the contract to the handing over the keys at closing you are in professional, courteous and caring hands. I am always having clients thank me at the closing for recommending Marty and his team. I have even used him for my personal real estate closings.” March 12, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Good Value

Mary E. "Dodi" Reilly  
hired Martin "Marty" as a Attorney in 2004 

“As a real estate attorney Marty does a great job with attention to details, is a good negotiator for someone buying or selling real estate and is very reachable to discuss the details of each transaction. He also has top notch staff.” March 11, 2010

Pat/ Patty Malpere , Specialist Residential Real Estate , Weichert Realtors 
was with another company when working with Martin "Marty"

Hello Marty,
Thanks for being part of my first closing.  Here is pic of the happy day.  It was a nailbiter but "alls well that ends well". :)

Suanne Ohl

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