Real Estate Closings  

Closing Checklist for Sale

___ Contract signed

___ Attorney Review complete

___ Initial $1,000.00 deposit received

___ Buyer completes home inspection

___ Additional deposit received

___ Home inspection issues resolved

___ Provide back title and survey to our office

___ Mortgage commitment received

___ Title received and reviewed by attorney

___ Payoff information provided to attorney for all mortgages and equity lines

___ Freeze any equity lines

___ Make sure smoke detectors, CO detectors and fire extinguisher properly installed and operating

___ Get Certificate of Occupancy/Smoke Inspection by town

___ Order final water reading

___ House in broom clean condition for walkthrough

___ Transfer utilities

___ Leave any extra keys, garage door openers, booklets in the house

Closing Checklist for Purchase

___ Contract signed

___ Initial $1,000.00 deposit paid

___ Attorney Review complete

___ Begin Mortgage Application process

___ Home inspection scheduled

___ Additional deposit paid

___ Negotiate home inspection issues

___ Obtain Mortgage Commitment

___ Attorney to order title and survey

___ Schedule closing

___ Obtain final figures and certified funds for closing

___ Do final walkthrough

___ Attend closing, sign mortgage documents and receive keys

___ Have utilities transferred

___ Deed and Final Title Policy to be received about 3-6 months after closing.





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